WHAT are Lead generation specialists?
We help small, medium and large companies generate high quality leads in order to increase income and to grow their businesses.
HOW do we do this?
  •  Understanding your perfect customer through Audience Research
  •  Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy focussed on Lead Generation
  •  Running Facebook and Google Ad Campaigns to your chosen Audience
  •  Building your Client Database
  •  Developing a strategic Email Campaign
  •  Running Retargeting Campaigns
Is this for you?
  •  Are you ready to scale your business?
  •  Would you like to leave lead generation to the experts?
  •  Would you like to focus on your business and customers?
Lead generation
10 000
Billed Monthly (excludes ad spend VAT)
  • Minimum ad spend of R5000 per month
  • Funnel Development
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Google Ads Campaign
lead generation and social media management
20 000
Billed Monthly (excludes ad spend and VAT)
  • Minimum ad spend of R5000 per month 
  • Development and Management of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Audience Research
  • Workflow Design
  • Building Client Database
  • Email Campaign
  • Ongoing Facebook Campaigns
  • Ongoing Google Campaigns
  • Ongoing Retargeting Campaigns
Make sure you are covering all the basics!